Java solution with 2 pointer variables to the array

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    public int removeElement(int[] nums, int val) {
            if(nums==null || nums.length ==0) return 0;
            int endPtr = nums.length-1;
    //Quit when both pointers cross each other
            for(int i=0; i <= endPtr; i++) {
                if(nums[i] == val) {
                  //Move end pointer towards the start pointer (i) until a valid replacement is found
                    while(endPtr > i && nums[endPtr] == val) {
                    //Once valid replacement is found, overwrite the current element with the valid one
                    nums[i] = nums[endPtr--];
            //since endPtr is pointing to an index, increment by 1 to find the size
            return endPtr+1; 

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    how do you make sure nums[endPtr--] does not equal to val?

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    we know for sure nums[endPtr] does not equal to value based on the while condition above.

    nums[i] = nums[endPtr--] is equivalent to

    nums[i] = nums[endPtr]; 
    endPtr = endPtr -1;

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