Run Time Error : Last executed input: [[7],[9],[6]]

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    Below is my solution and got the Run Time Error saying that : Last executed input: [[7],[9],[6]].
    But I've tested that in my local environment and got the answer [7, 9, 6].

    vector<int> spiralOrder(vector<vector<int> > &matrix) {
         int m = matrix.size();
         int n = 0;
         if(m != 0) {
         	n = matrix[0].size();
    	 vector<int> retVector(m*n);
    	 int currentIndex =0;
    	 for(int i=0; 2*i < m; i++) {
    	 	for(int j=i; j <= n-1-i; j++) {
    	 		retVector[currentIndex++] = matrix[i][j];
    	 	for(int j=i+1; j<= m-1-i; j++) {
    	 		retVector[currentIndex++] = matrix[j][n-1-i];
    	 	for(int j=n-2-i; j>=i; j--) {
    	 		retVector[currentIndex++] = matrix[m-1-i][j];
    	 	for(int j=m-2-i; j>i; j--) {
    	 		retVector[currentIndex++] = matrix[j][i];
    	 return retVector;   

    Any suggestions?

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    You are inserting more elements into the vector than the reserved capacity.

    For this test case:
    The Top loop covers all the elements. currentIndex = 3, by the end of this loop.
    It doesn't enter the Right loop.
    The problem is in the Bottom loop, 1st row is again getting inserted.
    retVector[3++] = matrix[0][1], trying to insert 4th element, where it can hold only 3 elements.

    Similarly you need to fix the left loop, for n=1.
    I haven't checked for other test cases.

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