why run time exceeds if separate the equal conditions when using python

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    At first my solution like this:

    import sys
    class Solution(object):
        def coinChange(self, coins, amount):
            :type coins: List[int]
            :type amount: int
            :rtype: int
            MAX = float("inf")
            a = [0] + [MAX for i in range(amount)]
            for am in xrange(1, amount + 1):
                for coin in coins:
                    if coin == am: #there add equal condition,if equal then set the value to 1 and break
                        a[am] = 1
                    if coin < am:
                        a[am] = min(a[am] - 1, a[am - coin]) + 1
            if a[amount] == MAX:
                return -1
            return a[amount]

    but the time exceeds,and after I combine lower an equal condition to an if statement,it passed.So I'm confused why my "optimization" slows the running speed at contrast?Anyone can tell me the reason,thanks!

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