Am I wrong or the test cases wrong?

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    We can solve the problem by dfs and we need some data structure to store the mid key between two keys. the popular one is 2-D array like mid[1][3] = 2, mid[1][7] = 4, etc. But the problem is that I didn't see any solution which considered mid[1][6] or mid[1][8], etc. All solution treated them as if they were adjacent. Then I tested m=2,n=2 by using the solution in OJ, the answer was 56. @elmirap

    How could you get 56 unlock patterns when you are just using two keys (No jumps through non selected key is allowed)? If you know, pls show me. ;)
    As far as I know, the answer should be 40 not 56. So I wonder if the solution in OJ even is wrong.
    keys | patterns (started from that key)
    1 2 3 | 3 5 3
    4 5 6 | 5 8 5
    7 8 9 | 3 5 3

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