Why does my code give right answers when tested on my PC( but it goes wrong on this website)?

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    ListNode* reverseList(ListNode* head) {
            ListNode *p, *q, *t;
        	if (head == NULL)
        		return NULL;
        	t = head->next;
        	if (t == NULL)
        		return head;
        	p = t;
        	p = p->next;
        	while (t->next != NULL)
    	    	t->next = p->next;
    	    	q = p;
    	    	p = p->next;
    	    	q->next = head->next;
    	    	head->next = q;
    	    return head;

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    Well, now I know the reason. The given head is actually not a head point , but the first point in the linked list.

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    @perfectizer New users please read the instructions to format your code properly.

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