Can you just explain the question clearly?

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    who make this question? Why do you assume everyone should know what is Gray Code?

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    Gray code is defined quite clear in the problem statement.

    And in addition, int the "note" part, author admit that there exists more than one valid sequence.

    But I don't think this would be a obstacle for solving this problem.

    See this question.What if I have no knowledge over Gray Code before?

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    I learned about gray code in highschool. If you don't know what it is, use google. How hard is that?

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    Yes, I learned lot you don't know. Does it mean you should google everything you don't know and I can tell you "how hard is that?"

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    I can't agree with you. At first, gray code is NOT defined clearly in the problems statement. It could be hard to understand what "two successive values differ in only one bit means". Why not give one more example to make everything better? In addition, it points out "a gray code sequence is not uniquely defined" and "the judge is able to judge based on one instance of gray code sequence". So, reader has to guess what instance of gray code sequences will be used in the judgement. I suggest you read and write some scientific paper, and then you will understand what is an accurate description of a question.

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    This post is deleted!

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