Not related to this problem but please stop your plagiarisms

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    Not really wanna talk about such a topic but more and more plagiarisms happen in recent questions. Here I am saying that someone is trying to simply copy other user's code in the community and replace the variable names to pretend as his own work (not even change the coding style and spacing!). What's worse, these guys may also copy the explanation from others with poor rephrasing. Few minutes later, this plagiarism gets upvotes VERY FAST. I don't know what's happening...are you doing this in order to obtain a higher reputation or sth? Will this do you good? If you dare do these things in a programming class, you are probably DEAD. IMO, this is a community to share bright thoughts and motivate everyone to perform better. Please don't plagiarize, don't discourage people! I will give you a downvote if I discover your plagiarism.

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    @asdfasdf You can bring the suspected plagiarized post to admin's attention by flagging the post. You can flag a post by clicking on the three vertical dots, then click "Flag this post for moderation".

    Any cheating behavior will not be tolerated in this community, and the user will be banned from the community.

    By the way, this post should be in another category "Comments and Feedback", I've moved it to the correct category.

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