Elegant python code using "yield" iterator

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    Basic algorithm is inorder traveling the tree to find the swapped pair nodes.

    By using "yield" iterator, the traveling procedure can be very elegant.

    def inorderIter(root):
        if root:
            for node in inorderIter(root.left): 
                yield node
            yield root        
            for node in inorderIter(root.right): 
                yield node
    class Solution:
        # @param root, a tree node
        # @return a tree node
        def recoverTree(self, root):
            pred, first = None, None
            for node in inorderIter(root):
                if pred and pred.val > node.val:
                    if first == None:
                        first = pred
                        second = node
                        second = node
                pred = node
            first.val, second.val = second.val, first.val
            return root

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    This post is deleted!

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    It seems to be incorrect.

    Input: {0,1}
    Output: Do not return anything, modify the binary tree in-place instead.
    Expected: {1,0}

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    Such an elegant solution!

    @Weissach need to comment out the last line of code

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    I am not sure about the memory usage of the iterator. It seems that the iterator uses recursion and is not O(n) space.

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