Simpler and easier to understand DP recursive solution

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    Similar with the Spiral Matrix I problem, This can be considered as a DP problem.

    Every step, we set the out layer of the matrix to the value of range(1, n^2) until one clockwise cycle, then call the function recursively to set the inside sub matrix.

    public int[][] generateMatrix(int n) {
        int[][] result = new int[n][n];        
        if (n < 1)
            return result;
        int value = 1;
        helper(result, 0, n - 1, value); // 0 is the up-left index,  n - 1 is the down-right index
        return result;
    private void helper(int[][] result, int start, int end, int value) {
        // start is the up-left index, end is the down-right index
        if (start > end);
        // only one element in the sub matrix
        else if (start == end)
            result[start][end] = value;
        else {
            // set first row
            for (int i = start; i < end; i++)
                result[start][i] = value++;
            // set last column
            for (int i = start; i < end; i++)
                result[i][end] = value++;         
            // set last row
            for (int i = end; i > start; i--)
                result[end][i] = value++;      
            // set first column
            for (int i = end; i > start; i--)
                result[i][start] = value++; 
            // recursive adding sub matrix
            helper(result, start + 1, end - 1, value);   

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