Java 16 lines AC solution 11ms

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    just a java version
    you can check the C++ solution with more detail here
    Basic math knowlege:

    An example:


    public class Solution {
        int base =1337;
        public int superPow(int a, int[] b) {
            return helper(a,b,b.length-1);
        int helper(int a,int[]b,int endidx){
            if(endidx==-1) return 1;
            int last_digit=b[endidx];
            return powmod(helper(a,b,endidx-1),10)*powmod(a,last_digit)%base;
        int powmod(int a,int k){
            int result=1;
            for(int i=0;i<k;i++){
            return result;

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