Output format problem

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    Input:	[8,7,4,3], 11
    Output:	[[4,4,3],[7,4],[8,3]]
    Expected:	[[3,4,4],[3,8],[4,7]]

    My code:

    public ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>> combinationSum(int[] candidates, int target) {
        return sum(candidates,target,new ArrayList<Integer>(),0);
    public ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>> sum(int[] test,int target,ArrayList<Integer> list,int index){
        ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>> result = new ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>>();
        if( target ==0){
            return result;
        if(target < 0||index == test.length){
        	return result;
        //No taking current node
        result.addAll(sum(test,target,new ArrayList<Integer>(list),index+1));
        //take current node
        return result;

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    add one line :
    Collections.sort(list); Accepted

    Doesn't figure out why the output format is vital.
    Actually, sort the arraylist before being inserted is not a good idea.
    Anyone has better solution?

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    Can you algorithm handle duplicates?

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    I got the same error:
    Input: [8,7,4,3], 11
    Output: [[7,4],[8,3],[4,4,3]]
    Expected: [[3,4,4],[3,8],[4,7]]

    I think the output check needs to be improved.


    update: sort the input vector solved the problem. (which should be done in the output check IMO)

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