My code is Time out。I will do what????

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    public int[] twoSum(int[] numbers, int target) {
    int[] ok=new int[2];
    int a,b;
    int i=numbers.length;
    for(int n=0;n<i;n++){
    for(int m=n;m<i;m++){
    int sum=numbers[n]+numbers[m];
    return ok;

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    Your code runs in O(n^2) whereas a O(n) solution is expected for this problem. One such solution is to put all numbers in a hash table, then for each number N, search if its complement (i.e. sum - N) is in the hash table. If so, then N and sum - N is the pair of numbers that satisfy the requirement.

    Please format your code properly and add comments to explain your thoughts next time.

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