12 ms C solution , is it right?

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    bool containsDuplicate(int* nums, int numsSize) {
        int i,j;
        int key;
        for(i=1; i<numsSize; i++){
            j = i-1;
            key = nums[i];
            while (j>=0 && nums[j]>key){
                nums[j+1] = nums[j];
            if(j>=0 && nums[j] == key) return true;
            nums[j+1] = key;
        // for(i=1; i<numsSize; i++)  if(nums[i-1] == nums[i]) return true;
        return false;

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    I don't know why it still work without the second For Loop.

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    @wuhan326 Actually you've already finished that comparing while doing your insertSort.

    while (j>0 && nums[j]>key) 
    if(nums[j] == key) return true;

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