A weird solution..

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    --Explaintion to my accepted answer

    • The involved question is how to handle overflow case. The Method below seems to have a "bug" although it passed all the test cases.
    • The so called "bug" depends on the equation 9*res=k*4294967295 exists a res([1000000003*9]<=[9*res]<=[2147483647*9]) and a k(k is a positive integer) that the equation holds.
    • But the fact is : (4294967295 % 9) != 0, and the interval [1000000003*9,2147483647*9] does not exist a number that equals k*4294967295(k=1,2,3,4). Then the code following is right, the "bug" actually does not exists.
    class Solution {
        int reverse(int x) {
            int res=0;
            int sign=(x>0)?1:-1;
                if((res*10/10) != res) return 0;
            return sign*res;

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