Extremely confusing! How can I have a solution for these test cases?!

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    One test case is:
    ["hot", "dog"]

    Another one test case is:

    How can I get a solution out of it? I am so confused about the test inputs.

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    The requirement said:

    • Only one letter can be changed at a time
    • Each intermediate word must exist in the word list

    Why there are test cases like these above?

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    @ofLucas Two issues here:

    • you should not @ all contributors until you have very serious issues about the OJ
    • the test cases you mentioned are unsolvable and so the result should be [], there should be some corner cases as you should have known.

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    Than you for your reply.

    I thought contributors are people who developed this question and all the test cases.

    I thought all the test cases should have at least one solution and I didn't know what to do when there's a no-solution case.

    Thank you now I know what to do.

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    @ofLucas Unless the problem clearly points it out that there will be at least one solvable solution, otherwise you are the one who should take care of it. Good luck and enjoy yourself.

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