Minimum Raggedness Line Wrap

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    Please refer

    Given a list of strings, wrap them in a way to minimize the sum of squared space left over in each line.

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    @bigoffer4all Classical dynamic programming problem

    def textJustification(words,m):
        bad = [[i - j + sum(len(s) for s in words[j:i + 1]) for j in range(len(words))] for i in range(len(words))]
        dp = list(range(len(words) + 1))     
        for i in range(1, len(dp)):
            res = float('inf')
            for j in range(1, i + 1):           
                diff = m - bad[i - 1][j - 1];
                if (diff >= 0):                
                    res = min(diff * diff + dp[j - 1], res)                  
            dp[i] = res          
        return dp[len(words)]

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    @elmirap can you explain your code?

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    @agave I will make a try to explain the algorithm

    1. try to arrange each sequence of words [i..j] (i <=j) in a line and calculate number of left spaces in the line
      m - (j-i)-(len_i+...len_j), where m - line length, len_i - length of word i
      In case sequnce f words [i..j] can't fit in a line, we set the number of spaces to Infinite value.
      example words ["leet","code"]
      we compute for word sequences [leet] ,[leet,code],[code]. Lets store these costs in some array
      This information is kept in variable diff.
    2. We appply the following recursive formule :
      DP[i] = min(DP[j]+diffdiff) for j <i, which mean the following
      To arrange the first i words in an optimal way (with minimum number of spaces) you need to find such word j < i so that you can break the sequence at word j and words[j+1,i] will be written in a new line. You assume all words up to j has already been arranged in optimal way, so you know DP[j] and need to select j in such way that DP[j]+diff
      diff should be minimal
      If something is not clear let me know

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