Taking last on the queue from each level, BFS

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    Since this is slightly different than how others do BFS, I put it here. The twist is just I don't check size but take the last of each level. (Still looks tedious after seeing @zwangbo's elegant solution)

    public List<Integer> rightSideView(TreeNode root) {
           LinkedList<Integer> rightView = new LinkedList<Integer>();
           if(root == null) return rightView;
           LinkedList<TreeNode> curLevel = new LinkedList<>();
               LinkedList<TreeNode> nextLevel = new LinkedList<>();
               TreeNode last = null;
                   last = curLevel.remove();
                   if(last.left != null) nextLevel.add(last.left);
                   if(last.right != null) nextLevel.add(last.right);
               // RightView is the last one on the queue at this level. 
               curLevel = nextLevel;
           return rightView;

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