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    // Based on logic from davidtan1890

    public class Solution {
        public void connect(TreeLinkNode root) {
            // Logic: 
            //        node moves to all nodes in tree in level order fashion
            //        needle keeps sewing together next level's children
            // levelHead is sentinel, keeps track of start node of next level
            TreeLinkNode node = root, levelHead = new TreeLinkNode(0);
            while(node != null){ // this loop is for different levels
                // needle is sewing next fields in current level
                // first time in a level, it is same as leavelHead (with null next)
                // but as soon as we get a non null child from node
                // needle threads that child into its next, 
                //      --------->>  thus making that child as next levelHead
                TreeLinkNode needle = levelHead;
                // this loop moves node in current level
                while(node != null){
                    if(node.left != null){
               = node.left;
                        needle =;
                    if(node.right != null){
               = node.right;
                        needle =;
                    node =; // move node to next in same level, end up null at rightmost
                // current level ended in node being null
                // take node fom sentinel's next, which is next levels start
                node =;
                // grabbed into node above, it has been used
                // so make it null so next time we dont grab again, 
                //    if all next lvl is null, it remains null prompting end of run
       = null;  

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