Can anyone help me find what is the problem of my Java code?

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    public class Solution {
    public List<Integer> topKFrequent(int[] nums, int k) {
    List<Integer> result = new ArrayList<>();
    Map<Integer, Integer>myMap = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();
    int []mark = new int[nums.length];
    for (int i:nums){
    if(myMap.get(i) >= k && mark[i] == 0){
    mark[i] = 1;

    return result;

    The Submission Result is Runtime Error . I think I am really close to correct answer. The problem may occur on line 13.
    Thank you guys.

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    Two things here:

    • your code is really a mess here, you're gonna format your code properly using ``` next time before posting your question
    • your thoughts or your understanding of the problem is totally out of the track here, if you are not sure try the following test case with your solution.

    The problem is trying to find out the top k frequent here not just the frequency of one number. Read it again...if you truly cannot get it, directly contact me. Good luck.

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    This post is deleted!

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