Python solution using complex numbers as vectors

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    Pass through the array by using a vector with gets multiplied by 1j each time it reaches the boundary.
    The complex indices of a 3x3 will look like this:

    [[0, 1, 2],
    [ j, j+1, j+2],
    [2j, 2j+1, 2j+2]]

    class Solution(object):
        def spiralOrder(self, matrix):
            if not matrix:
                return []
            ans = []
            v, pos = 1, -1 + 0j
            bound = len(matrix[0]) + (len(matrix)-1)*1j
            while bound.real > 0:
                for i in range(int(bound.real)):
                    pos = pos + v
                bound = (bound - 1) * 1j
                bound = abs(bound.real) + bound.imag*1j
                v *= 1j
            return ans

    I'm hoping someone will have an idea on how to clean up the use of the 'bound' variable.

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