Digital Roots?

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    So I was trying to figure out what is unique about square numbers and found this article:

    Which involves finding the digital root of the number you are trying to check and if that root is either 1,4,7,9 then your number is a perfect square. This method however does not seem to work for certain test cases such as 2147483647. I was wondering if I my understanding of digital roots and this method is wrong or this method just doesn't work for some cases (in which case it is useless).

    Here is my code:

    bool isPerfectSquare(int num) {
    	return true;
    int root = 0;
    int result = rootIs(num);
    	std::cout << result << std::endl;
    	result = rootIs(result);
    //Result is digital root of num, if digital root is 1,4,7,9 then number is a square most likely
    if(result == 1 || result==4 || result==7 || result==9){
    	return true;
    return false;   
    //Returns sum of digits of num
    int rootIs(int num){
    int result = 0;
    	num = num/10;
    return result;

    Sorry in advance if the formatting is wrong or something, I am new to Leetcode and this forum. Thank you for any advice or help!

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