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    We are given a list of words that have both 'simple' and 'compound' words in them. Write an algorithm that prints out a list of words without the compound words that are made up of the simple words.

    Input: chat, ever, snapchat, snap, salesperson, per, person, sales, son, whatsoever, what so.
    Output should be: chat, ever, snap, per, sales, son, what, so

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    @tfxcrunner88823 I have created a new subcategory and moved this question to the Snapchat subcategory. Thanks!

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    The idea . First we have to sort words by length. Then generate trie and put the words in it. Check in the trie if some word is compound.

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    Any other ideas besides tries? I'm not very familiar with that data structure.

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    @tfxcrunner88823 you can use set

    def compositeWord(word,s):  
        if not word:
            return True  
        for prefix in (word[:i] for i in range(1, len(word) + 1)):
            if prefix in s:
                if compositeWord(word[len(prefix):], s) == True:
                    return True         
        return False       
    def simpleWords(words):    
        s = set()   
        return [w for w in words if not compositeWord(w,s)]
    if __name__ == '__main__': 
        print(simpleWords(sorted(["chat","ever","snapchat","snap","salesperson","per","person","sales","son","whatsoever","what","so"],key=lambda s: len(s))))

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    @elmirap wow great! I'm more of C guy, so I'll try to convert this. Thanks! If anyone else has code or solution ideas they want to post, that be awesome.

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    Is the output correct?
    I believe, "son" should not be in the output because the simple word "so" is a part of the dictionary.

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    @tfxcrunner88823 Should "son" be printed? Since "so" is in the output

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