20 ms concise solution with explanation.

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    Concise solution. 20 ms solution.
    The algorithms is as follows:

    1. From the start of the array, make two decisions at the same time (recursive calls)
      a) Pick the current position as a part of the possible solution, decrement the counter and recurse.
      b) Move to the next position and start again. (Ignoring the position with which we started)

    Eg. for (2,3,4,5) 5

    In step a pick 2, change the target to 5 -2 and recurse.
    In step b) ignore the first position (decision of not including it at all) and move on.

    These two when recursed cover all possible combinations.

    class Solution {
       vector<vector<int>> combinationSum(vector<int>& candidates, int target) {
           vector<int> curset;
           //for(auto i = candidates.begin(); i < candidates.end(); ++i)
           sumgame(candidates.begin(), target, candidates, curset, sumset);
           return sumset;
       void sumgame(auto i, auto target, auto &candidates, vector<int> &curset, auto &sumset)
    //check for the terminating condition and return if the end of the vector is reached.
           if(i == candidates.end())
    //recurse while leaving out the current position candidate. This covers half of the branches of the program.
    // Each time the function is called, it makes both decisions at the same time.
           sumgame(i+1, target, candidates, curset, sumset);
    // the following conditions can be shortened at thecost of readability, so not doing it.
           if(target - *i == 0)
           if(target - *i > 0)
               sumgame(i, target - *i, candidates, curset, sumset);

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