Design a Score Board

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    Given a score board, implement two methods:

    1. int addUser(id, score); // return the rank of the added user.
    2. int findByRank(k); // return the id of the user which is rank k.


    addUser(2, 30);   // return 1
    addUser(5, 10);   // return 2
    findByRank(2)   // return 5
    findByRank(1)   // return 2
    addUser(7, 20);   // return 2
    findByRank(2);   // return 7

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    There are a lot of ways to solve this problems.
    First approach could be to use priority queue to store the ranks O(log(n)) and take k-th eleement with klog(n)
    Second could be to use augmented balanced binary search tree, again store with O(log(n)) and take k-the element with O(log(k))
    For the interview I am not sure that you can implement balanced tree, maybe binary search tree with augmented data if the second approach is preferred.

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