Straightforward Python solution using deque

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    class SnakeGame(object):

    def __init__(self, width,height,food):
        Initialize your data structure here.
        @param width - screen width
        @param height - screen height 
        @param food - A list of food positions
        E.g food = [[1,1], [1,0]] means the first food is positioned at [1,1], the second is at [1,0].
        :type width: int
        :type height: int
        :type food: List[List[int]]
        self.snake = collections.deque([[0,0]])    # snake head is at the front
        self.width = width
        self.height = height = collections.deque(food) = {'U': [-1, 0], 'L': [0, -1], 'R': [0, 1], 'D': [1, 0]}
    def move(self, direction):
        Moves the snake.
        @param direction - 'U' = Up, 'L' = Left, 'R' = Right, 'D' = Down 
        @return The game's score after the move. Return -1 if game over. 
        Game over when snake crosses the screen boundary or bites its body.
        :type direction: str
        :rtype: int
        newHead = [self.snake[0][0][direction][0], self.snake[0][1][direction][1]]
        # notice that the newHead can be equal to self.snake[-1]
        if (newHead[0] < 0 or newHead[0] >= self.height) or (newHead[1] < 0 or newHead[1] >= self.width)\
        or (newHead in self.snake and newHead != self.snake[-1]): return -1
        if and[0] == newHead:  # eat food
            self.snake.appendleft(newHead)   # just make the food be part of snake
     # delete the food that's already eaten
        else:    # not eating food: append head and delete tail                 
        return len(self.snake)-1

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    Very clean! Please take my knees!

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    @WKVictor said in Straightforward Python solution using deque:

    newHead in self.snake

    Technically your "newHead in self.snake" in move could be O(mn) making your move function O(mn). You can reduce this to O(1) if you kept a matrix, but then your memory would go up.

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