20ms c++ recursive

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    class Solution {
        unordered_map<int,int> inmap;
        TreeNode* dfs(vector<int>& inorder, int ileft, int iright, vector<int>& preorder, int pleft, int pright)
             if(ileft > iright) return NULL;
             int value = preorder[pleft];
             int iroot = inmap[value];
             TreeNode* root = new TreeNode(value);
             if (ileft == iright) return root;
             int len = iroot - ileft;
             root->left = dfs(inorder, ileft, iroot-1, preorder, pleft + 1, pleft + len);
             root->right= dfs(inorder, iroot+1, iright, preorder, pleft+len+1, pright);
             return root;    
        TreeNode* buildTree(vector<int>& preorder, vector<int>& inorder) {
             int n = inorder.size();
             int m = preorder.size();
             for(int i = 0; i < n;i++)
                  inmap[inorder[i]] = i;
             return dfs(inorder, 0, n-1, preorder, 0, m-1);   

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    @duoduo Don't you think there will same number of elements in different types of traversal of a tree ? Nice code btw !

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