C++ using XOR with explaination

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    Sum of two bits can be obtained by performing XOR (^) of the two bits. Carry bit can be obtained by performing AND (&) of two bits.
    It is simple logic that can be used to add 2 single bits. We can extend this logic for integers. If x and y don’t have set bits at same position(s), then bitwise XOR (^) of x and y gives the sum of x and y. To incorporate common set bits also, bitwise AND (&) is used. Bitwise AND of x and y gives all carry bits. We calculate (x & y) << 1 and add it to x ^ y to get the required result.

    int getSum(int a, int b) {
                while(b != 0){
                    int carry = a & b;
                    a = a ^ b;
                    b = carry << 1;
                return a;

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