Simple Python solution using DFS

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    We can observe that the rule is to replace substring with length but two consecutive replacement are illegal.

    class Solution(object):
        def generateAbbreviations(self, word):
            res = []
            self.dfs(word, 0, res)
            return res
        def dfs(self, word, index, r):
            for s in xrange(1, len(word) + 1):
                for i in xrange(index, len(word)):
                    if len(word) - i >= s:
                        self.dfs(word[:i]+str(s)+word[i+s:], i+len(str(s))+1, r)

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    You don't think it's longer than my first one?

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    Ohh, I didn't find your post before. Sorry about that.

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    @jedihy What's the runtime for this? Did you try to analyze it?

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