Cpp solutions, complexity O(n)

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    Since there exists the worst cases that: {1,1,...,1,0,1,...,1}, the complexity has to be O(n). Then the most easy way is using a linear search:

    int min_num = nums[0];
    for(int i=1;i<nums.size();i++)  min_num = min(min_num,nums[i]);
    return min_num;

    However, we can improve it by removing the duplicates on both sides and doing a bi-section search similar as the last problem:

    class Solution {
        int findMin(vector<int>& nums) {
            int left = 0, right = nums.size()-1;
            if(nums[left]<nums[right]) return nums[left];
            while(left<right && nums[left+1]==nums[left]) left++;
            while(right>left && nums[right-1]==nums[right]) right--;
                int c = (right+left)/2;
                if(nums[c]>= nums[left]) left = c;
                else right = c;
            return nums[right];

    Both running time is 8 ms.

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