10 ms short Java Solution using DFS/topological sort, Beats 96 %. Well explained

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             * When you run random custom test cases in editor you will get to know that they require a topological sort to be done on the input.
             * For ex feeding [["JFK",NRT],["JFK",KUL]] returns ["JFK","NRT","KUL"] which seems wrong as per the explanation but since input is not a valid itinerary hence the result.
             * This problem needs a topological sort in short. Hence do a topological sort after storing nodes in a sorted order. 
             * Note :- 
             **Topological sort is used only for DAGs** hence we need to *remove the edges* once it is visited. Thats why the solution uses a priority queue which sorts the nodes as well as helps in removing it in an efficient way. 
            public List<String> findItinerary(String[][] tickets) {
                LinkedList<String> result = new LinkedList<>();
                HashMap<String,PriorityQueue<String>> graph = new HashMap<>();
                for(String[] edge : tickets){
                        graph.put(edge[0],new PriorityQueue<>());
                DFS("JFK",graph,result); // we need to do DFS/topological sort only from "JFK"
                return result;
            /*DFS doing topological sort*/
            private void DFS(String node,HashMap<String,PriorityQueue<String>> graph,LinkedList<String> result ){
                PriorityQueue<String> nodes = graph.get(node);
                while(nodes!= null && !nodes.isEmpty())
                result.addFirst(node); // this is the key, instead of reversing add to the head of linkelist.

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