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    When each node is visited, mark the value of the node as '#', which is treated as if the node is None in tree iteration. Each iteration gives a one level of leaves.

    class Solution(object):
        def findLeaves(self, root):
            def markLeaves(p, l):
                leaf = True
                if p.left and p.left.val!='#':
                    leaf = False
                    markLeaves(p.left, l)
                if p.right and p.right.val!='#':
                    leaf = False
                    markLeaves(p.right, l)
                if leaf:
                    p.val = '#'
            ret = []
            p = root
            while(p and p.val!='#'):
                l = []
                markLeaves(p, l)
                p = root
            return ret

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    This is an actually clean and well-explained solution...
    Why not popular?

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