The test cases seem too weak...

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    I checked some of the answers shared so far. Most of them did not pass the test case of [1,[4,[6,[[]] ] ]] which leads to a multi-level empty list. So, I am not sure whether these solutions got accepted or not. If they do, then the test cases of this problem are too weak.
    I think Leecode needs to do a better QA job before releasing any problem set. Instead, they paid ppl to create problems for $50 each and get the misleading results.
    This is not a good sign.....

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    Does the result of the test case [1,[4,[6,[[]] ] ]] should be 39? However, the system give the result as 17.

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    Also I don't get test case [[-1], [[-1]] as -3
    I understand
    [-1, [-1]] where second -1 has level 1 and first has 2,

    but why in first case first -1 should have -1 is beyond my comprehension

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