Clean and short, O(n) solution in java, Easy to understand with comments

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    * Key idea is to add all the element from right side and then only those from the left side whose depth is greater than the max of right side.
    public List<Integer> rightSideView(TreeNode root) {
            List<Integer> result = new ArrayList<>();
            return result;
        private void addRightSide(TreeNode root,int level, List<Integer> result){
            if(root == null) return ;
            if(result.size() == level) result.add(root.val); // only add if level is not present.
            addRightSide(root.right,level + 1, result);
            addRightSide(root.left,level + 1,result);

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    runs in 1 ms and beats 85% of the submissions.

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