Clear thought process explained

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    I try explain my though as following:

    How many "on" at the end of nth toggle?

    --> "on" or "off" at each position in an array of length n?

    --> toggle even number times will result in "on", toggle odd number times will result in "off"

    --> for position k, the number of toggles is the number of distinct divisors that k has

    --> divisors always come in pair, which means even number of divisors, for example, 12 has (1,12),(2,6),(3,4).

    --> however, Square Number has odd number of divisors, e.g. 25 has 1,25,5

    --> thus, the number of "on", is the number of perfect square number <= n


    def bulbSwitch(self, n):
        :type n: int
        :rtype: int
        return int(math.sqrt(n))

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