The question needs to be re-defined.

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    The weight increases from the leaf to the root.

    However, the following situation is not clearly defined. I will illustrate it using a tree structure.

      /    \
     b      c

    What is the weight of a? Is it 2 to 3?

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    its 3. We need find maxDepth first before we can start calculating sum

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    What I found more surprising is that b, which is a leaf, has weight 2. Even though we're told that "the leaf level integers have weight 1".

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    In my opinion from what the question says, the depth of a is 2 for left child and 3 for right child.

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    It should be defined as "the deepest leaf level integers have weight 1"

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    This question can easily mislead readers. This is not how we generally define the "depth" of a node in the tree. If I remember correctly, "Depth" means the length from root to a node and "height" means the length from the node to its deepest child.

    Apparently, in this question, neither of them is our case. I think the question should emphasize their special definition "depth", to avoid misunderstand.

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    I have tried this test case: [1,[3,[4]], [2,100]] and the expected result is 217, I think this question only consider all subtrees has the same length.

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