Last executed input:{}

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    Hi folks,
    I received a runtime error : Last executed input: {}. what does this mean, and what is the desired output for this input in this problem?

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    Intput is {} means there is empty list.

    The output should be {} too.

    Since there is no element to sort. You may not handle this edge case in your code.

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    thanks. But the default list defined in the problem is as follows:

    • Definition for singly-linked list.
    • class ListNode {
    • int val;
    • ListNode next;
    • ListNode(int x) {
    •     val = x;
    •     next = null;
    • }
    • }
      I am not quite sure what an empty list is like. Is it just "null"?

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    yes. just null

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    thanks so much!
    I just tried and passed. Actually I considered about the null corner case. My code did have 2 flaws:

    1. Shouldn't include the declarision of the defined one-way linked-list again.
    2. Shouldn't include extra "prints".
      These caused the examination systems to refuse submission attempts.
      BTW, HEAPSORT works!

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