Why incompatible type?

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    List<List<Integer>> result= new LinkedList<LinkedList<Integer>>();
    Why this is incompatible type?

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    That's just how generics works, consider:

    List<? extends List> result = new LinkedList<LinkedList>();

    but then you won't be able to .add() anything to the list.

    Here's a counterexample why your <LinkedList> is dangerous:

    LinkedList<LinkedList<?>> result0 = new LinkedList<>();
    List<List<?>> result = result0; // invalid assignment (same as constructing the object)
    ArrayList<?> put = new ArrayList<>();
    LinkedList<?> get = result0.get(0); // ClassCastException

    And a cleaner version:

    Collection<Integer> ints = ...;
    Collection<Number> nums = ints; // similarly unsafe
    nums.add(3.14); // boxed to Double
    Integer val = ints.iterator().next(); // ClassCastException

    Don't mind the <?> it's just to make sure everything has a generic argument.
    The best is to use interfaces where possible and let Java 7 figure it out generics for you with <>.

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