8ms Java. No hash, just sort. O(1) space

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    The trick is in comparator.

    public class Solution {
        int mid = 0;
        public boolean isReflected(int[][] points) {
            if (points.length<=1) return true;
            int min = points[0][0];
            int max = points[0][0];
            for (int[] p : points){
                min = Math.min(min,p[0]);
                max = Math.max(max,p[0]);
            mid = (min+max)/2;
            Arrays.sort(points, new myCompare());
            int left = 0, right = points.length -1;
            while (left <= right){
                if ((points[left][0] -min ) != (max - points[right][0]))
                    return false;
                if (points[left][0]==points[right][0])
                    return true;
                if (points[left][1] != points[right][1])
                    return false;
            return true;
        public class myCompare implements Comparator<int[]>{
                public int compare(int[] p1, int[] p2){
                    if (p1[0]!=p2[0])
                        return Integer.compare(p1[0],p2[0]);
                    if (p1[0] <= mid)
                        return Integer.compare(p1[1],p2[1]);
                    return Integer.compare(p2[1],p1[1]);

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    @azurexj2 It can't pass the test case[[-16,1],[16,1],[16,1]].

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    I think you forgot to deal with the situation that there are duplicate points.

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