Beating 90% recursive Python solution with comments

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    def generateParenthesis(self, n):
        result = []
        self.generate_parenthesis(0, 0, n, '', result)
        return result
    def generate_parenthesis(self, open_num, close_num, maximum, combi, result):
        # Base case: because we add close only if close_num < open_num, once 
        # close_num hits maximum (n), we want to stop
        if close_num == maximum:
        # The only constraint for adding open parenthesis is the max number of 
        # parentheses (maximum)
        if open_num < maximum:
            self.generate_parenthesis(open_num + 1, close_num, 
                                      maximum, combi + '(', result)
        # We only add close parenthesis if there are enough open parentheses to close
        if close_num < open_num:
            self.generate_parenthesis(open_num, close_num + 1, 
                                      maximum, combi + ')', result)

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