1-pass binary search in Python, 11 lines, 50 ms

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    class Solution(object):
        def search(self, nums, target):
            left, right = 0, len(nums)-1
            while left<=right:
                mid = left+(right-left)/2
                lv, mv, rv = nums[left], nums[mid], nums[right]
                if lv<target<mv or mv<lv<target or target<mv<rv:
                    right = mid-1
                elif lv<mv<target or target<rv<mv or mv<target<rv:
                    left = mid+1
            return left if target==lv else mid if target==mv else right if target==rv else -1

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    There are only 3 relationship of the nums[left], nums[mid], nums[right].
    When target is not matching any middle or end points, target can locate in two intervals of the 3 cases, so total six cases. Denoting:

    lv, mv, rv, t = nums[left], nums[mid], nums[right], target

    We have

    lv < mv < rv
       t    t
    mv < rv < lv    
       t          < t
    rv < lv < mv
            t     <t

    Those 6 cases can be classified to two actions either increase the left or decrease right.

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