Iterative Python code using recursive idea

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    This problem is a typical recursive question. We should think backward.

    Say we are standing on the nth step, we have two ways to get here --> through one step or two step, so we just need to add those two ways.

    There are a_(n-1) for the the front, and a_(n-2) for the latter. Thus a_n = a_(n-1) + a_(n-2)

    Next we go from 3 to generate the result using this formula (my recursive solution exceeded the time limit).

    def climbStairs(self, n):
        if n < 3:
            return n
        a, b, result = 1, 2, 0
        for i in range(3, n+1):
            result = a + b
            a, b = b, result
        return result

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