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    First, I think the problem needs a few clarification:

    1. The game should somehow guarantee that next food, which is predefined in the array, shall never appear on a cell which happens to be occupied by the snake.
    2. It's OK to "turn back", such as: Head,Tail -> Tail, Head, which means tail moves first, then head.
    3. If all the foods are exhausted, the game will continue, without any food appearing.

    So trick is: use a LinkedList to track the snake; each move, we remove the tail (last element) and add a new head; if the snake eats a food, then tail stays but head extends. Use a set to track the body so if the new head exists in the set, return -1.

    private int width, height;
    int[][] food;
    private int score, idx;
    private Deque<Integer> snake;
    private Set<Integer> body;
    public SnakeGame(int width, int height, int[][] food) {
        this.width = width;
        this.height = height; = food;
        score = 0;
        idx = 0;
        snake = new LinkedList<>();
        body = new HashSet<>();
    public int move(String direction) {
        // first of all, get head
        int h = snake.getFirst() / width, w = snake.getFirst() % width;
        if (direction.equals("U")) h--;
        else if (direction.equals("D")) h++;
        else if (direction.equals("L")) w--;
        else w++;
        if (w < 0 || w == width || h < 0 || h == height) return -1;
        int head = h*width + w;
        snake.addFirst(head); // move head
        if (idx < food.length && h == food[idx][0] && w == food[idx][1]) {
            score++; // and still keep the tail
        } else
            body.remove(snake.removeLast()); // move tail
        if (!body.add(head)) return -1;
        return score;

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    For point 2., we have just fixed the test cases such that there's no longer such case as "turning back". So you may consider another approach mentioned by @hong2 here:

    Keep the snake tail before checking body bite. Next if no food to eat, remove the tail.

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