My simple Java recursive solution

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        public int minDepth(TreeNode root) {
        if( root == null ) return 0;
        if( root.left == null && root.right == null ) return 1;
        int a = minDepth( root.left );
        int b = minDepth( root.right );
        if( a > 0 && b > 0 ) return Math.min(a,b)+1;
        return a + b + 1;

    My first code was wrong because I didn't aware of if return value is '0', then I should not use it to compare return value from left/right in Math.min, because that way you will always have 0 as minimum, 0 means we already reach the leaf's left or right. We should not consider it as the path end. What I am saying is this is wrong

    return Math.min( minDepth(root.left),minDepth(root.right) ) + 1;

    for finding max depth, this should work well I think.

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    very good and concise code!
    but it has to traverse all the nodes in the tree, so it may not the most efficient method...

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