A question related to JAVA override syntax

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    Hi, I slightly modified this code

        public class Solution {
        class MyComparator<ListNode> implements Comparator<ListNode> {
    		public int compare(ListNode o1, ListNode o2) {
    			return (o1.val-o2.val);
        public ListNode mergeKLists(List<ListNode> lists) {
            if (lists==null||lists.size()==0) return null;
    	    Comparator<ListNode> comparator = new MyComparator<ListNode>();
            PriorityQueue<ListNode> queue= new PriorityQueue<ListNode>(lists.size(),comparator);
            ListNode dummy = new ListNode(0);
            ListNode tail=dummy;
            for (ListNode node:lists)
                if (node!=null)
            while (!queue.isEmpty()){
                if (tail.next!=null)
            return dummy.next;

    This leads to compile error where the compiler cannot recognize o1.val.
    When I replace "MyComparator< ListNode >" by "MyComparator", the code is accepted. Can anyone tell me why the first version leads to compile error? Thanks!

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