Easiest way with Newton method

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    S1:To calculate the square root of the number of x, from the beginning to select an arbitrary guess g;

    S2:If you guess the correct value g is close enough to the square root of the end of the algorithm, the function g as the correct value of the square root, the algorithm ends, the return value of g;

    S3:G If the guess is not accurate enough, with an average value g and g / x as a new guess. Because of these two values is the square root of a less than exact, exact square root is greater than the other, the average will get you select a value closer to the correct answer;

    S4:The new guess stored in the variable g, repeat S2

    Here is the Newton method function:


    class Solution {public:int mySqrt(int x) {    
        double g=x;
        return g;

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    The solution is OK mathematically. The problem is at an interview they will look to see if you can implement binary search correctly in this case.

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