Here's my accepted C++ solution, please help in cleaning it up more.

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      bool isPalindrome(string s) {
            int n = s.length();
            string t =s;
        for(int i=0;i<t.length();i++){
            if(t[i] == ' '){t.erase(i,1);i--;}

    // I put the above for loop to first erase all the space ONLY to check for the case where it could only be space
    // Is there a function which checks if all the characters are space, then I need no do it. Please let me know.

     if(t.length()==0){return true;}

    // Here, after removing space, I am checking of length is 0, is so, all was space. //

     int i=0;
     int j = t.length()-1;
     // Here I am simply checking from front and end and ignoring non - alpha numeric.
         if(   (t[i]==t[j]) || (  toupper(t[i]) == toupper(t[j])      )){i++;j--;}
         else { return false;}
     return true;

    // So please let me know how to check for space without removing the spaces and then checking.

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