Java solution without using loop/recursion/regex.

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    public class Solution {
        public boolean isPowerOfFour(int num) {
            if(num<0 || num==0) return false;
            if(num==1 || num==4) return true;
            String strNum=Integer.toBinaryString(num);
            if(strNum.length()<3 || (strNum.length()-1)%2!=0) return false;
            return strNum.equals("1");

    if we take a close look at all the numbers that are power of four, it is obivious that those numbers are in 100^n (n is a non-negative integer) pattern.

    So, after converting num to binary-string and replacing all the "00" with "", we can easily find out whether num is a power of four by determine if the left string equals "1".

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