Difference between "run code" and "submit", C++

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    For the life of me, I can't understand why there's a difference between "Run Code" and "Submit".
    I have read through the FAQ but no avail.
    I looked through the documentation of the different methods I'm using to look for undefined behavior, but didn't find such.

    class Solution {
        int maxCoins(vector<int>& nums) {
            list<int> numsl(nums.begin(), nums.end());
            return maxCoins(numsl);
        int maxCoins(list<int>& nums) {
            bool first = true;
            int _max = 0;
            for (auto it = nums.begin(); it != nums.end(); ++it) {
                int curr = *it;
                int value = curr;
                auto prev = it;
                if (!first) --prev;
                auto next = it;
                if (!first) curr *= *prev;
                if (next != nums.end()) curr *= *next;
                curr += maxCoins(nums);
                it = nums.insert(next, value);
                _max = std::max(curr, _max);
                first = false;
            return _max;

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    I have figured it out - I'm relying on "next" when re-inserting the removed element. However the "next" iterator could be invalidated by the recursive maxCoins call.
    It's still unclear to me, however, how come there's a different between RunCode and Submit.

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