Clear Java Recursive+DP solution

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    public class Solution {
        Map<TreeNode, Integer> robRootMap = new HashMap<>();
        Map<TreeNode, Integer> nonRobRootMap = new HashMap<>();
        public int robHelper(TreeNode root, boolean robRoot) {
                return 0;
            if(robRoot && robRootMap.containsKey(root))
                return robRootMap.get(root);
            if(!robRoot && nonRobRootMap.containsKey(root))
                return nonRobRootMap.get(root);
            if(robRoot) {
                int robs = root.val+robHelper(root.left, false) + robHelper(root.right, false);
                robRootMap.put(root, robs);
                return robs;
            } else {
                int leftMax = Math.max(robHelper(root.left, false), robHelper(root.left, true));
                int rightMax = Math.max(robHelper(root.right, false), robHelper(root.right, true));
                int robs = leftMax + rightMax;
                nonRobRootMap.put(root, robs);
                return robs;
        public int rob(TreeNode root) {
            return Math.max(robHelper(root, false), robHelper(root, true));

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