What is the time complexity of recursion approach(Java)?

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    Well, the recursion approach is pretty simple:

    public int maxDepth(TreeNode root) {  
        if(root == null)  
            return 0;  
        return Math.max(maxDepth(root.left),maxDepth(root.right))+1;  

    I just cannot figure out the time complexity of this solution. Somebody says it's O(n). Aren't maxDepth(root.left) and maxDepth(root.right) computed simultaneously, which would make the time complexity O(lgn)? Thanks.

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    O(logN) on average,

    O(N) on worst case if the tree has only left/right for each level.

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    I think, the Math.max function cannot return until both left and right are returned, so it basically touches every node.

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    The complexity is exactly O(n). The recursion would touch every node in the tree, for once. The function wont return until it does so.

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    The time complexity is O(N) because the recursion traverse each node in the tree

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